Hello Im Chef Matty Mcleen...

I specialize in high end Restaurant quality food for private events and parties. We offer Chef services for small dinners, large Celebrations, Corporate Events, you name it we Cook for it! I work with each of my clients to build a custom menu that is built to the theme of the event or the taste of your palette. I do all the shopping, all the prepping, the presentation and the best part all the cleaning. Get all the perks of cooking from home, at home, with a Restaurant style taste but zero work, zero hassle and zero clean up! 

I wanted to connect with people I was feeding in the Restaurant business on a more personal/intimate level! Thats when I decided I wanted to be a Private Chef. The atmosphere of cooking for a private party with Menus and meals I designed and cooked myself versus cooking the same thing everyday for people I never got to see working in a Restaurant! Theres something special about being invited into someones private home cooking for them from scratched with just the idea of what sounds good to them at that time! Cooking is art you get to taste...doesn't get better than that!apitano family opened Season Treats to keep her spirit alive through her timeless recipes and favorite dishes. 

I have always loved cooking now I am lucky enough to do this for a living :)I originally started in restaurants ;) and it is my pleasure to now cook for my clients in the comfort of their own homes or vacation rentals in a more private setting.